Test Knitting: The Aki Cardigan

Spring is here in the Southern Hemisphere (on paper at least, it's sunny but still pretty damn cold here in Gippsland!) which draws to a close what I've dubbed 'The Winter of Test Knits', as I ended up knitting one test-knit garment for each month - oof! Two of these are still yet to be … Continue reading Test Knitting: The Aki Cardigan


OAL 2018 update and #nevernot(Test)knitting

Oh past Jess, you always have such good intentions! Suffice to say, my Outfit Along 2018 update is pretty dismal. I did indeed cast on for my Waters tee, but had to rip back twice because of errors I'd made *shakes fist at past Jess*. And then the test knitting calls came in... So... I've … Continue reading OAL 2018 update and #nevernot(Test)knitting